Welcome to Cheam Midwifery
We are a group of experienced midwives who are committed to providing you with high quality, individualized maternity care.

Our Philosophy

We believe the best path to a healthy and satisfying birth experience is to seek out quality resources that approach birth in a positive manner relying on evidence based information.


We treat pregnancy and birth in a healthy, low-risk population as a natural and normal event while acknowledging that interventions can be necessary and/or desirable in certain situations.


Women want choices about the type of care they would like, pain relief options, and the setting where they give birth. Becoming aware of and weighing the risk/ benefits of these options is essential. A woman who has taken the time to fully develop her own personal birth philosophy is better able to navigate and make good choices for herself no matter what her situation may be.


A non-medicated birth is a goal for many but not the only way to achieve a transformative birth experience!  A mother who feels in control of the decision-making when it comes to her pregnancy and birth is likely to be satisfied and empowered by it. A mother who is confident and content with her birth experience (even if it was not exactly as she envisioned) is better able to move more smoothly into breastfeeding and early motherhood.


We are honoured to support women and their families through such a monumentious time in their lives.  We tailor care to meet the specific needs of the woman and support her in the mannor she deems important to her.

Your Care

Routine clinic appointments focus on the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, preparations for birth, and options to consider during your pregnancy and beyond. We routinely monitor you and your growing baby’s physical health and wellbeing. Throughout your care, you will have access to all routine laboratory testing, genetic screening and ultrasounds as outlined by Perinatal Services of BC.  Midwifery fees are fully covered through your CareCard.


Once you are in active labour, the midwife on-call will attend you.  She will provide one-to-one care throughout your labour until about an hour and a half after your baby is born. During the early hours post-delivery, our focus is preserving a healthy, bonded transition for you and your baby, and on assisting the initiation of breastfeeding if you choose.


Following your birth, our early postpartum care includes home visits during the first week, followed by scheduled clinic visits until 6 weeks post partum. During this time, we provide all routine primary care for both you and your newborn. After 6 weeks, we discharge your care back to your family physician.


We have excellent referral relationships with obstetricians, pediatricians and family physicians in our community. Indications may arise during your care that require consultation with another care provider. At times, due to developing health concerns, care will be shared or transferred to an OB/Gyn. Should this occur, the midwives remain involved in your care in a supportive role.  See the  College of Midwives of BC (CMBC) Guideline “Indications for Discussion, Consultation and Transfer of Care


We offer choice of birthplace, either in a home or hospital setting. Place of birth is mostly determined by patient choice and their clinical needs.  For women considering home birth, careful screening and discussion throughout pregnancy, in accordance with CMBC guidelines and policies, help to determine if this is the right choice for you.  Water birth is an option at home, but is not yet offered in our local hospital setting.